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Health & Safety
At Star Scaffolding the health, safety and wellbeing of fellow workers, visitors and the public is of paramount importance. Each manager, supervisor and leading hand has a responsibility for the health and safety of employees working under their direction.  Each employee is expected to play their vital role in avoiding accidents and in behaving in a safe and responsible manner at all times.

At Star Scaffolding it is our policy to comply with the provisions set out in the Health and Safety at Work 2015 and the Health and Safety at work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 and all codes of practice and guidelines applied to our industry.  We aim to conduct our business at all times with ZERO HARM.


Star Scaffolding is committed to providing a Healthy and Safe workplace for employees, contractors and visitors on all company premises and customer work sites.

We seek to continually improve our performance in Health and Safety by ensuring that:

• An effective programme is in place and maintained to ensure that all workplace hazards are identified and appropriate measures taken to control these hazards.

• The programme is reviewed and monitored to take account of changing conditions and circumstances in the workplace.

• Records are kept of the hazard management programme.

• Employees have the opportunity to participate in the development of Health and Safety practices and in becoming Health and Safety Representatives.

• Relevant documentation relating to occupational Health and Safety issues is made available to employees.

• Work systems, plant and substances are subjected to testing and hazard assessment before being introduced.

• Employees and contractors are trained, supervised and provided with information to undertake their duties safely.

• Personal protective equipment needed to secure Health and Safety is provided to employees, who are adequately trained in its proper use, maintenance and storage.

• Accidents are reported, recorded and investigated.

• In the event of an injury/illness Star Scaffolding Limited works with ACC to achieve a robust outcome for our employees by using appropriate treatment and rehabilitation principles.

• This policy is monitored and revised following any organisational changes or changes in legislation or best practices, or otherwise every two years.

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Responsibilities of management

• To consult with employees on Health and Safety matters that affect them.

• To ensure that all plant, substances and work systems used are suitable for their intended purposes and meet safety requirements.

• To provide adequate training, information, instruction and supervision,

• To ensure that contractors and visitors are made aware of their responsibilities and safety procedures.

• To respond promptly to any Health or Safety issues brought to their attention.

• To ensure that Health and Safety objectives and responsibilities are included in job/task descriptions and are reviewed annually.

• The Managing Director has overall responsibility for the effective management of workplace Health and Safety.

Responsibilities of employees

• To carry out work in a way that does not adversely affect their own Health and Safety or that of others around them.

• To learn and understand Health and Safety rules and follow them.

• To be certain they completely understand instructions before starting work, to avoid taking short cuts and always use safe work procedures.

• To carry out work free from the influence of drugs and/or alcohol,

• To use correctly any information, training, personal protective equipment and safety devices provided.

• If in doubt about the safety of a task, to stop and get instructions from the supervisor or manager before continuing.

• To make sure they understand exactly their responsibilities in emergencies.

• To know how and where medical help can be obtained.

• To report all accidents and unsafe conditions to the supervisor or Health and Safety representative promptly.

Maintaining a safe workplace and healthy workforce is important to Star Scaffolding.